Martin Wicramasinghe ,The Great Author of Nation
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New Publications - Now available at leading book shops.
New Publications - Now available at leading book shops.
Interview with Martin Wicramasighe
Handwriting of Martin Wicramasighe

Read Online
Online selection   from a collection of English translations of Martin Wickramasinghe's short stories

Audio clips -
These audio clips of
Martin Wickramasinghe's voice have been selected from audio tape recordings of interviews for broadcast both locally and in other countries. They have been recorded some 30 - 50 years ago. Despite the age of the recordings the voice that comes over is authentic.
Handwriting of Martin Wicramasinghe
A close-up view of Martin Wickramasinghe´┐Żs handwriting.A substantial record of his handwriting both in
published in a volume titled "Bondage"  Martin Wickramasinghe wrote and published a total of 107 short stories. The first collection was published in 1924 under the title "A Woman". Sinhala and English is available in his manuscripts and his letters which have been collected posthumously from the recipients.His handwriting was large, clear and easy to read. The selection presented here is of the original size. 
Video clips -
These video clips are from film records made during the last 20 years of his life. They are also 30 - 50 years old. The selection of clips show him engaged in writing in his library as well as in his birth place. 



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